Non-Profit and Community

Word cloud for Nonprofit organizationI have worked on virtually every  aspect of non-profit organizational and corporate practice.  I can help your organization or government agency create and implement projects that are relevant, effective and heart-felt.


  • ‘Training the Trainers’ for over 100 SBDCs, CDFIs and other business development organizations.
  • Facilitating cutting edge topics among lenders and business service providers at conferences.
  • Designing programs, identifying trends and evolving best practices for companies serving businesses.
  • Micro Lending Training and Design: Setting up, designing and expanding micro lending programs.
  • Project Design, Strategic Planning and Research:  Working to craft a winning and sound project.
  • Community Support and Funding:  Getting it off the ground and launching.
  • Board Training and Development:  Supporting boards to be engaged and effective.  Realistically.
  • Staff Training:  Helping staff with communication, professionalism, team building and client retention.
  • Financial Management:  Training you to understand financial analysis to create a sustainable project.  Including creative ideas for earned revenue.